Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Posted by Drew Carter

We at Maritz Motivation are committed to creating an inclusive environment for our team and advancing the diversity of our company. We are ready to listen so we can collectively work together to be part of the solution to end systemic racism in our country. 

The Maritz Motivation manifesto includes -

“We believe in the unmatched, incredible ability of people. …To learn. To imagine. To unite. To change the world.”

Change can be tough and sometimes uncomfortable but our opportunity to focus on changing our behavior is right now. This begins with listening to our employees and committing to make our workplace safe and inclusive for people of color and all other members of a diverse community. The Motivation company is committed to speaking out against racism and all acts of bias that marginalize, discriminate or harm.

My commitment is to create and share a plan for engagement within our company that includes specific actions focused on addressing systemic racism in our ecosystem and supporting the efforts of our black and other diverse communities.