Northwood University's Maritz Automotive Scholarship Winners Announced

Maritz Automotive is dedicated to understanding, embracing and developing the future of automotive retail. This year marks a new investment in that future as Maritz Automotive partners with Northwood University to award a scholarship to three individuals who will undoubtedly bring innovation and growth to the auto industry.

Terry Erwin, SVP of Auto Sector Sales at Maritz Automotive, announced the newly established Maritz Automotive scholarship for Northwood University students in 2019. Maritz Automotive team members conducted classroom discussions with students in Northwood’s Automotive Marketing and Management programs, and those students were asked to write and submit an essay to compete for the scholarship. The essays broached the topic of industry volatility, particularly in relation to the automotive sector’s future evolution and its impact on dealers and consumers.

Specifically, the participants were asked to answer the following questions:

How do you see the automotive retail business evolving as disruption from things like the digital buying process, mobility choices and greater adoption of electric and autonomous vehicles affect the market?

What will separate the dealers who excel in the new environment from those who get left behind?

The Winners

The judging panel chose the scholarship winners based on whose essays were most insightful, relevant and thought-provoking. The three Maritz Automotive scholarship winners are Blake Holland (Sterling Heights, Michigan), Will Govan (New Hudson, Michigan) and Sam Griffith (Lodi, California).

The scholarship is valued at $12,500 and is divided evenly amongst the awarded recipients.

Maritz scholarship winners

Terry Erwin, SVP of Auto Sector Sales at Maritz Automotive, with the Maritz Automotive Scholarship winners.
Left to right: Terry Erwin, Sam Griffith, Will Govan and Blake Holland

Experts collaborate on automotive industry

The Maritz Automotive Scholarship for Northwood University winners were announced at the 3rd annual Future of Automotive Retail (FAR) Summit, which was hosted by Maritz Automotive in Newport Beach, California in early March 2020.

The annual FAR Summit invites industry professionals and subject matter experts to collaborate on the changing automotive retail industry. 

“The goal of the collaboration between FAR and Northwood is to help Northwood students understand how they can impact the future of retail,” said Maritz Automotive’s Terry Erwin. “Additionally, the insight of the students enables us to understand their points of view, learn from them and strategize ways in which the industry can attract valuable talent.”

Northwood University’s Associate Professor and Department Chair, Elgie Bright, also attended the event. Bright presented a special video that highlighted Maritz Automotive Scholarship winners and showcased the valuable perspective of the university’s students and graduates.

The Maritz Automotive-Northwood University partnership illustrates to students and the next generation that companies like Maritz Automotive can further advance and support their careers in the auto industry. Maritz Automotive aims to educate and drive excellence at dealerships. That starts with an investment in people given the right tools and knowledge to improve their performance.

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