The Patient Experience Begins With The Employee Experience

Here’s the definition of a pretty ideal job: You get paid the same regardless of efficiency, customer experience or end result. 

That description opens the door to any number of jokes—“Oh, like civil servants?”—but what we’re actually talking about is the healthcare industry, in which compensation generally has been tied to quantity, rather than quality. Fees are derived more from the services rendered; less from the effects of those services. 

Has been. That’s changing. Today, we’re at the beginning of what some are calling The Age of the Patient, or more commonly, “value-based healthcare.” 

Value-based healthcare is the result of a number of factors that have combined to shift from a hospital- or physician-centric focus to a new patient-centric focus. Patient outcomes are now playing a much more prominent role, with patients themselves having a greater say in how their healthcare dollars will be spent, and where. 

Which means patients are becoming choice-conscious consumers. And consumers choose to go where they’re treated the best. Which means hospital employees, interacting face-to-face every day with patients, are now in the customer service business. 

That’s a great challenge, but it’s also a great opportunity for hospitals who can deliver on their new “brand promise.” That’s the topic of our recent white paper, The New World of Value-Based Healthcare, in which we discuss how a great patient experience begins with a great employee experience. 

That’s because employees are highly unlikely to treat customers better than they’re treated themselves, or than they treat each other. This employee/patient dynamic plays a critical role in healthcare scenarios. Anxious and vulnerable, often in pain, patients are eager to respond to the personal care that an engaged and purposeful employee can bring. Through a culture of “best care, anywhere,” hospital employees can have a very large say in cementing customers for life. 

In this paper, we’ll cover: 

  • What’s driving the shift to value-based care 
  • Industry trends and market and operational challenges 
  • Recasting the roles of hospital personnel 

There’s never been a greater need for a thriving and purposeful employee experience in healthcare right now. Download this white paper to learn how healthcare providers can put their patients first by putting their employees first.