Secrets to Building a Successful Relationship with Your PPC Partner

“Partnership has proven itself one of the most powerful business tools for dealing with fast changing markets, technologies and customers. Partnering is becoming the weapon of choice for today’s successful competitors.” – Curtis E. Shakian

It’s no secret that including paid search in your auto dealer marketing strategy can generate more leads. Whether you use pay-per-click (PPC) or another kind of search engine marketing (SEM), odds are that you’ve brought in a partner agency or consultant to help. We’re sharing our dealership PPC secrets to help you build a successful relationship with your digital advertising partner or agency.

Share data and dealership reports

No one knows your dealership better than you. Share your monthly sales reports with your partners and talk through your successes and best opportunities. Perhaps your used car sales are in a slump - a good paid search agency partner will take those insights and tailor campaigns to address your goals and needs.

If you have a different company managing your automotive SEO, be sure to ask your paid search partner to share keyword reports each month. In our opinion, Google Ads is the best place that dealership SEO marketers can tap into for accurate, valuable keyword data; PPC agencies should be able to provide their data to SEOs, allowing them to leverage up-to-date techniques based on recent and past performance.

Define goals and set clear expectations

One of the most important parts of any business partnership is setting expectations. Understand what your auto dealer marketing agency will be delivering and when you can expect those deliverables each month. On the contrary, it’s just as important to be clear with your partner as to what they can also expect from you. If weekly meetings will be difficult, it may be better to communicate via email regularly and meet with your paid search agency on a monthly basis to review your progress and paid search campaign metrics.

Goals are the driving force to any paid search strategy. Is your overall goal to simply generate more leads? Do you need to focus on your used car inventory? Is there a new model you’re pushing this month? Answering some of those questions will help your partner better understand your objectives and guide them in building your paid search campaigns.

Be patient

Like many other components of your auto dealer marketing strategy, paid search is driven by data. As such, it will take some time to gather the insights needed to evaluate campaign changes or overall performance. Luckily, your car dealer ads can be seen instantaneously, and the results of your campaign can pay dividends in as little as a week. Understanding and refining your campaigns will take time, however. Patience is a virtue.

Keep in mind that pushing your partner to make too many paid search campaign changes at once may make it more difficult to isolate which changes lead to which effects. A good partner agency should be responsive, but it’s important to see the forest from the trees and trust your PPC manager’s experience. Randomizing their work can only lead to more confusion.

Communicate frequently

Whether you have a new model releasing or are offering stellar lease deals next month, your dealership is constantly changing. Ensure you’re communicating those changes with your partner on a regular basis. Doing so will allow them to leverage important messaging in your paid dealership ads. In turn, you should promote an open dialogue on the ongoing status of your campaigns with your paid search partner. Both you and your partner should feel comfortable addressing any vital issues or account changes throughout the month, as needed.

Do you have any other secrets or tips to help foster great working relationships between car dealer groups and PPC agencies? We’d love to hear them. Connect with the Maritz Automotive team, and let’s talk about the power of partnerships.

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