Employee Engagement Program Review

It’s common to “take stock” of our personal and professional goals. We may take the time to evaluate how we performed against our own goals or resolutions, year-end reports and performance reviews can evaluate how we performed against professional goals, and we can evaluate our programs, vendors, and customer/client experiences as a way to measure progress against organizational goals

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Setting SMART Employee Engagement Goals

Each new year brings inspiration and motivation to change. Resolutions for personal and professional goals are many, and the new year can bring opportunities to adjust programs and organizational initiatives.

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Employee engagement: Because 2018 isn't 1990

For the past few years, an incalculable number of words have been expended on the woeful state of employee engagement, both domestically and worldwide. A prominent milestone in all the back-and-forth was Gallup’s pronouncement of a worldwide employment engagement crisis, noting, among other things, that the percentage of engaged employees in the U.S.—call it 33—has remained roughly the same since Gallup started measuring engagement levels in 2000. 

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Your Culture Under a Microscope: Diagnose

Posted by Mollie Lombardi

Editor's Note: Today we welcome our guest, Mollie Lombardi. This is the first in a 3 part series about workplace culture under a microscope. Next, check out part 2, Your Culuture Under A Microscope: Align

The word “culture” when it comes to workplace communities can have many different expectations and definitions.  But while it’s a concept that’s hard to define, it’s very easy to feel. Whether or not we have the words to describe it, every society, group or workplace has a culture that deeply influences the behaviors and outcomes of everything that each entity tries to accomplish. So, what do we do to harness the power of culture, while we simultaneously struggle to define it?

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