Points with a Purpose: Make an Impact with Your Rewards Program

Posted by Casey Epley

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a large number of individuals rethinking their priorities. Some things that used to seem important are less so, and people are looking for more meaning and connection, seeking happy moments to get them through a heavy time.

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Topics: Rewards, Strategy, Reward Program Design

Navigating Crisis: Using the Right Data for Business Decisions

There's no shortage of data in our daily news cycle. This crisis has business leaders looking at data and wondering, "what does this mean for my company?"

In this video, I’ll give my perspective on deciding what data you should lean on right now for your business, and why focusing on consumer behavior is your best path forward.

For more useful resources on data strategy, visit our Resources page. 

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Topics: Strategy, Data Science

A Fresh Perspective On Sales Incentives

Posted by Steve Cox

Today we welcome Steve Cox as a guest blogger. Steve currently leads the Business Development team at Maritz Motivation and he brings a fresh perspective, with a twist of fun, to the conversation.

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Topics: Sales Incentives, Sales Training, Strategy

The Great Customer Loyalty Points Debate

Posted by Barry Kirk

If you have pondered the future (and potential extinction) of points-based customer loyalty programs, it's worth taking note of a debate that briefly raged at a Loyalty Academy Conference hosted by The Wise Marketer.

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Topics: Loyalty, Consumer Loyalty, Loyalty Program Design, Strategy, Reward Points, Program Design, Optimization, Reward Program Design

Build Loyalty While Gaining Consumer Insights

Consumers have opinions on just about everything. So, what if a company’s loyalty program rewarded customers for the opinions that matter most to the business?

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Topics: Loyalty, Consumer Loyalty, Loyalty Program Design, Rewards, Rewards Program Design, Strategy, Reward Points, Optimization

What to Look For in an Employee Engagement Platform

We’ve been discussing the content from our latest ebook — “Go From Data to Direction: Defining an Employee Engagement Platform for the Modern Workforce” — over the past week. So far, we’ve covered the three challenges facing employee engagement today. Today, we’ll discuss what features you should expect from your employee engagement solution. Let’s jump in!

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Topics: Employee Experience Platform, Employee Experience, Employee Engagement, Strategy, Data Science, Retain Employees, Optimization, Technology, Engage Employees

A Perfect Storm of Science and Art

Posted by Nick Foppe

For the past decade, I’ve been an entrepreneur running creative agencies who never planned to work at corporate again, until last fall when it seemed the perfect time to work at corporate again.

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Topics: Behavioral Science, Strategy, Data Science, Program Design, ROI, Engage Customers, News, Attract Customers, Creative

Why employee community service programs? Why not?

Posted by Chris Dornfeld

It’s always good to do the right thing, for no other reason than that it’s the right thing. What’s even better is when there are multiple reasons for doing the right thing. 

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Topics: Culture, Recognition, Employee Engagement, Strategy, Engage Employees

The Employee Experience Defined: Shifting Away From Employee Engagement

Many people in what we’ll call the employee industry believe that we’re shifting from the days of employee engagement to employee experience. We believe that ourselves, and what’s more, fully endorse it as a positive development. It’s a pertinent topic, but we can discuss the hows and whys another day.

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Topics: Employee Experience, Employee Engagement, Strategy, Engage Employees


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