Barry Kirk Keynotes the Wise Marketer 2019 Loyalty Academy Conference

Maritz Motivation, a leader in providing loyalty solutions to US and global companies, led a keynote and panel discussion at the Wise Marketer Group’s 2019 Loyalty Academy Conference, held on March 6 and 7.

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3 Challenges Facing Employee Engagement Today

We have overcome so many challenges in addressing employee engagement. Time was, HR and engagement leaders had to convince the organization of the importance of investing in rewards and recognition, then engagement — and today, holistic solutions have appeared from the possibilities of technological advancement to bring engagement, wellness, rewards, and so many other aspects of workforce management together in one unified platform. It’s a different time.

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What to Look For in an Employee Engagement Platform

We’ve been discussing the content from our latest ebook — “Go From Data to Direction: Defining an Employee Engagement Platform for the Modern Workforce” — over the past week. So far, we’ve covered the three challenges facing employee engagement today. Today, we’ll discuss what features you should expect from your employee engagement solution. Let’s jump in!

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Your Culture Under a Microscope: Align

Posted by Mollie Lombardi

Editor's Note: Today we welcome our guest, Mollie Lombardi. This is the second part in a 3 part series about workplace culture under a microscope. Make sure to check out part 1 and part 3

In my previous blog post we talked about what a culture is and how to diagnose it. But the way culture comes to life for most people is through the employee experience. Organizations today are realizing that everything they do contributes to employee experience, from the physical work environment, to the processes, to the tools and technology. Today it’s more important than ever to ensure that your talent management and workforce management tools bring your culture to life. To achieve real value, technology must support the culture and enhance the employee experience. 

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