Customers in Crisis Mode: How Internal Biases Impact Loyalty

Posted by Evan Snively

Making data-driven decisions is a best practice. But in times when historical parallels are scarce, where else should one turn for guidance?

In this video, I'll share the basics of two key behavioral science principles that will help your team better predict how customers will respond to your loyalty program during this crisis.

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Topics: Loyalty, Behavioral Science, Video

Using Crisis to Connect: How to Create Deeper Customer Relationships

Posted by Barry Kirk

In our lives “before” – before COVID-19, before massive economic disruption, before increasing unemployment – it was okay if you primarily saw your loyalty program as a means to drive more transactions for your brands.  In fact, that was probably working for you pretty well.  But we’re in a different market now, one where consumers are suddenly evaluating brands and purchase decisions very differently.

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Topics: Consumer Loyalty, Video, Thought Leadership


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