What to Look For in an Employee Engagement Platform

We’ve been discussing the content from our latest ebook — “Go From Data to Direction: Defining an Employee Engagement Platform for the Modern Workforce” — over the past week. So far, we’ve covered the three challenges facing employee engagement today. Today, we’ll discuss what features you should expect from your employee engagement solution. Let’s jump in!

First, let’s discuss the six capabilities for a new-generation employee engagement model:
(This content is covered in more detail in the ebook if you get lost!)

  • Simplicity: While many things factor into a platform’s simplicity, the first demand is that it should be easy for the administrator or researcher to gather and use the wealth of data the system can generate.
  • Program Framework: Programs can represent interventions that intentionally influence engagement across your entire organization. In short, program framework means “no shortcuts.”
  • Personalization: Personal means "personalized." Personalized content is critical to engagement — facilitating the delivery of meaningful, contextualized communications with the specific information employees need, when they need it, and in a way they can make the most use of it.
  • Monitoring: The right reporting tools can’t stop at simply collecting point-in-time data and delivering sporadic measurements. That includes methods for regular, ongoing monitoring to ensure that what you think will work for your culture is actually working.
  • Strategic Services: Professional services should help navigate strategic assessment and planning to ensure you have the right expertise and resources, as well as program operations to support your efforts with administration, launch, reporting, and management.
  • Outcomes Assessment: What good is all that data generated if you don't know what to do with it. Measurement capability also means having a vendor that can help you determine what to measure, how often, and to what end.

So how do we choose solutions to deliver all six of these capabilities? The list of demands has certainly grown — we are collecting more and more data, but we also need all of our data centralized and integrated, measured and monitored, and connected across the organization. Personal preferences must be incorporated, game mechanics must be implemented, outcome data must be integrated, and the best of decision sciences knowledge must be applied.

Here are a few other solution requirements you may not have considered:

  • End-to-end platform with all-inclusive functionality
  • Vendor with expertise in motivation and decision sciences, and the ability to apply it to engagement-related data
  • Deliver an increased focus on standard integrations and flexible applicant program interfaces (APIs)
  • Support from strategic services and with targeted measures

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